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Steel cleaning and degreasing

One of the most important criteria of technical cleanliness is proper degreasing. The products dedicated for steel cleaning and degreasing contain various ingredients that meet the needs of the process and provide the highest cleaning quality.

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Steel cleaning and degreasing

Stainless steel cleaning is a commonly used process in the industry. Due to the variety of parts, their intended use and the presence of various types of contamination, there are many stainless steel cleaning supplies. Determining the optimal process parameters and the type of steel cleaning agent requires taking into account several basic factors related to the characteristics of the parts subjected to the cleaning process. Therefore, cleaning and chemical degreasing of steel require a professional approach.

Cleaning stainless steel – how to do it?

Cleaning stainless and acid-resistant steel is a relatively simple process. For cleaning these types of steel, you can use agents without fear of damaging the surface. In the case of stainless steel, it is worth using demineralized water for cleaning, which allows you to avoid the formation of stains. This is especially important in the case of decorative parts and sheets with large surfaces. This issue is important not only in terms of aesthetics but also practically. The presence of water stains proves that there are chemicals residues on the surface of the part, which may reduce the adhesion of the paint coating.

Chemical degreasing of stainless steel is another, apart from sandblasting and grinding, method of surface preparation leading to the removal of deposits. In some cases, mechanical treatment is sufficient, but it is conditioned by the production stage and the type and degree of contamination. Steel degreasing products are to increase the adhesion of the paint coating and ensure the highest possible quality of the product.

Steel can be cleaned within the spraying, immersion or ultrasonic method, and in some cases, it is possible to use manual cleaning. The choice of the method and detergent should depend on the type of contamination. Agents for degreasing and cleaning steel should prepare the surface for the next stage of the process, ensuring the optimal final level of cleanliness of the parts, while not posing a threat to workers and the environment.

When it comes to cleaning steel, it is extremely important to select a detergent with appropriate chemical properties. An acidic liquid for cleaning and degreasing steel will activate the surface of the part, enabling proper preparation of the metal surface before painting. Alkaline and neutral agents effectively remove contaminants without affecting the steel surface. After the process of cleaning steel parts with an acidic detergent, it is necessary to rinse and protect them against corrosion. If the acidic chemical remains on the surface, the part begins to corrode almost immediately during the drying process.

Stainless steel cleaning products

The appropriate level of steel degreasing is one of the key elements in assessing the cleanliness of parts made of this material. Our offer includes professional stainless steel cleaning supplies. The detergents for cleaning and chemical degreasing of stainless steel offered by NOYEN are intended for the removal of many types of contamination arising at various stages of the production processes. In our offer, the flagship products in this category are NOYEN PAL and NOYEN PAL +. NOYEN PAL is a steel cleaning agent not classified as hazardous. It is a water-based combination of surfactants that allows for optimal cleaning results in the case of the intermediate and final cleaning. This product ensures high efficiency of work in cleaning machines in a closed circuit. It also allows for the effective performance of the process in the case of cleaning multi-series steel parts contaminated after processing, such as shavings, coolants, oil or polishing pastes.

On the other hand, NOYEN PAL + is a steel cleaning and degreasing agent that provides not only high-quality effects but also anti-corrosion protection for up to several weeks after the cleaning process, depending on the storage conditions. The formula of this detergent contains organic corrosion inhibitors, therefore rinsing is not required.

Both detergents can be used for cleaning steel in manual, spray, immersion and ultrasonic methods in very low concentrations (from 1.5%), which proves their high efficiency and translates into a significant increase in the efficiency of the entire cleaning process and reduction of its costs. Both NOYEN PAL and NOYEN PAL+ are low-foaming agents, thanks to what it is possible to maintain the stability and efficiency of the process. The effectiveness of these cleaning agents is evidenced by the fact that cleaning technologies based on these products have been used in many companies continuously for many years. They are also regularly implemented by new customers, as well as those already cooperating with NOYEN, opening or moving their plants to other countries.

Another steel cleaning agent is NOYEN ZW, which supports cavitation during the ultrasonic cleaning process. The decomposition of cavitation bubbles in the cleaning chamber in the case of the NOYEN ZW is more effective compared to other detergents. The formula of NOYEN ZW has been developed so that the bath does not become cloudy during operation, thanks to which better penetration of ultrasounds and more intense cavitation are observed. This steel cleaner and degreaser is intended for cleaning parts in an immersion bath and ultrasounds.

Cleaning and degreasing steel before painting

Painting steel parts is not only to increase their aesthetic value but also to strengthen anti-corrosion resistance and protect them against mechanical damage and the influence of unfavorable external conditions, such as weather, humidity and so on. Correct cleaning and degreasing of steel before painting is one of the key factors responsible for the quality and durability of paint coatings. A properly prepared surface of the part ensures optimal adhesion. Therefore, the correct choice of a steel degreasing agent is crucial. As a rule, the smoother the surface of a component, the worse the adhesion of the paint coat. Therefore, in order to obtain the appropriate roughness, it is necessary to prepare the metal surface. One of the methods that give good results is etching – the process results in the formation of micropores that enable better adhesion of paint coatings. NOYEN detergents intended for steel degreasing and surface preparation before painting include: NOYEN P03, P05 and PA2 – steel phosphating and cleaning agents aimed at strengthening the adhesion of paint coatings.

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