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Aluminium cleaning and degreasing

Aluminium and its alloys are highly sensitive to cleaning agents. Specially formulated Noyen products will safely clean the parts. Aluminium cleaning and degreasing can be done with acidic, neutral and alkaline agents.

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Aluminium cleaning and degreasing

Aluminium and its alloys are very sensitive to cleaning chemicals. Wrongly selected aluminium cleaning chemicals may cause corrosion and even lead to the degradation of the surface. To make aluminium cleaning safe and free from such effects it is worth knowing how to conduct a cleaning of aluminium parts. If you need a professional solution for your business, you are in the right place – our experts will recommend you the best cleaning agents for your processes.

Products for cleaning aluminium – types

Aluminium is used on a large scale. The most important feature of aluminium is its weight – parts made of this material are really light. Aluminium, however, in opposition to steel which is often replaced by it, is not as chemically resistant. As long as the steel is resistant to alkalines and the etching may be only caused by acidic preparations, aluminium will degrade in both environments. Wrongly selected aluminium cleaning products can cause corrosion as well. Requirements concerning aluminium cleaning chemicals include the possibility of fast and effective cleaning which has a great meaning in the case of parts produced in series. Aluminium cleaning and degreasing may be conducted differently and use different types of cleaning agents depending on contamination and client expectations. In the case of serial production, the most important factor is the possibility of fast cleaning and contamination removal effectiveness. The key to fulfilling these requirements is a proper selection of aluminium cleaning chemicals.

Aluminium cleaning products – NOYEN

The presence of water stains on the surface of the part not only looks unaesthetically, but also indicates that the surface has not been completely cleaned. The absence of water stains is especially important in the case of decorative parts and parts with a large area. A common requirement for cleaning aluminum is also a slight lightening of the surface because a change of color to a darker color is a natural process resulting from the oxidation of this metal. The cleaning of oxidized aluminum can be carried out with acidic agents that gently etch the surface and, after rinsing and appropriate protection, leave it slightly brightened and uniform, even in the case of large elements.

NOYEN offers professional aluminium cleaning chemicals such as NOYEN TIP2, EP, ZW, PAL. TIP2 is an alkaline formula based on surfactants. It contains corrosion inhibitors that allow safe cleaning of parts. This cleaning agent can be applied manually or used for immersion, spray or ultrasonic cleaning. NOYEN EP is one of strong aluminium cleaning chemicals that guarantees fast removal of heavy industrial contamination such as grease. It is also perfect for cleaning parts before and after soldering. Such a solution leads to an increase in savings and a boost in work efficiency. Because of acidic pH, NOYEN EP effectively removes metal oxides and brightens aluminium surface. However, after the cleaning process, it requires thorough rinsing. NOYEN PAL is a water-based formula containing surfactants with a wide range of applications that allows removing heavy contamination and protecting parts from corrosion. NOYEN ZW is an aluminium cleaning solution that boosts the cavitation effect in ultrasonic cleaning machines.

Degreasing aluminium parts

Degreasing aluminium is a process aimed at removing contamination that is often invisible. Metals and non-ferrous alloys such as aluminium, copper, brass and bronze make a group of materials that are widely used in many industrial sectors. They are used for the production of many parts which is why there are plenty of types of contamination. Some of the metals, like aluminium, corrode easily. This is the reason why aluminium cleaning and degreasing require safe cleaning agents as well as proper protection after the cleaning process.

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