Aluminium cleaning and degreasing

Aluminium and its alloys are highly sensitive to cleaning agents. Specially formulated Noyen products will safely clean the parts. Aluminium cleaning and degreasing can be done with acidic, neutral and alkaline agents.

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Noyen EP

Used for:

  • manual cleaning
  • immersion cleaning
  • ultrasound cleaning
  • spray cleaning
EP NOYEN 30 KG kwaśny preparat do mycia trudnych zanieczyszczeń przemysłowych w niebieskim kanistrze
  • 1 – 15%

    Working concentration

  • 20 – 65°C

    Bath temperature range

Noyen EP is a concentrated product for cleaning non-ferrous metals: copper and aluminium. It is perfect for removing very difficult industrial contaminants like: lubricants, baked-on residues, carbon deposits, oils, anti-adhesives etc. It is acidic and contains a large concentration of active ingredients, which effectively remove metal oxides and discolourations, brightening the surface. After using Noyen EP, the surace should be rinsed. The Noyen EP2 version can be used without rinsing (depending on the concentration). If the product is used for steel cleaning, the second rinsing should include a corrosion inhibitor – Noyen CI.

Noyen EP effectively removes

  • Aluminium oxides
  • Copper oxides
  • Corrosion products
  • Machining oils
  • Greases
  • Machining emulsions
  • Lubricants
  • Baked-on residues
  • Carbon deposits
  • Soot
  • Discolourations
  • Anti-adhesives

Advantages Noyen EP

  • Concentrated

  • Brightens aluminium

  • Low corrosive properties

  • Dedicated for spray and immersion

  • Effective in low concentration

  • Low-foaming

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