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Corrosion protection

One of factors included in a safe cleaning process is protection of cleaned parts against corrosion. Correct degreasing of parts increases the production quality, but can also increase vulnerability to corrosion. It can occur during the process and after, in storage and transport. Noyen offers products for short and long-term corrosion protection.

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Corrosion protection – how to protect metals?

The development of corrosion accompanies many industrial processes. However, its removal is necessary to ensure the functionality and aesthetics of the part. Protecting parts against corrosion is therefore a very important element of the industrial cleaning process. In the case of materials susceptible to corrosion, the lack of adequate protection may lead to permanent damage to the surface of the parts, which may contribute to financial consequences. What are the best ways to protect parts against corrosion?

Corrosion protection coatings – is it possible to protect metal from corrosion development?

Corrosion is a problem appearing in many different industries such as automotive, aerospace, metalworking, remanufacturing, construction etc. Sometimes its development is an integral part of the process – this does not change the fact that corrosion is rather an undesirable element, which is necessary to remove.

Several factors contribute to the components’ corrosion resistance level. One of them is the properly cleaned and protected surface of the part. The quality of the paint coating may also affect the resistance of the components. A low-quality paint coating can lead to corrosion. Taking into account the fact that there are many effective methods of protection against corrosion of metals, the key here is to properly protect the parts and eliminate the influence of external factors. In addition to high humidity, the development of corrosion is influenced, among others, by temperature fluctuations, as well as contact with salt and other external factors. The appropriate method of storing and transporting parts is also of great importance. However, it should be remembered that protection of parts against corrosion may not bring the desired effects if the requirements regarding the method of storage or transport of the parts are not met and the parts are exposed to prolonged contact with factors causing corrosion. The methods of anti-corrosion protection include not only properly selected chemical agents, but also the logistics of the entire process.

Steel corrosion protection coatings

Due to the high variety and specificity of the processes carried out in individual industry sectors, there is no one universal method of protection against corrosion of metals, which is associated with the variety of threats and the varied cleanliness requirements specific to a given industry. In order to achieve the most effective results of corrosion protection, it is crucial to determine the needs and risks related to given stages of the production process and the intended use of the manufactured and machined parts. Due to the specificity of the preparations used and the expected protection period, three methods of protection against corrosion are distinguished:

Protection of metals against corrosion during the cleaning process – the parts are exposed to corrosion both during cleaning, intermediate cleaning and different operations that take place during the production process. For this purpose, during cleaning, cleaning agents with the addition of corrosion inhibitors are used.

Corrosion protection for steel and other metals after the cleaning process – the washed part is usually rinsed and dried. Suitable protective agents are added to the last rinsing bath. In this case, parts can be stored for up to several weeks. For this method of protecting metal against corrosion to be effective, the rules for storing parts exposed to rust must be observed. It is extremely important that the stored elements do not come into contact with factors that could cause corrosion. Otherwise, it may arise even despite the use of a proper agent.

Long-term corrosion protection of metals – agents based on hydrocarbons can be used for long-term protection of parts against corrosion. Such measures create a hydrophobic film on the surface of the element that protects against water and moisture. Such protection allows to achieve even several months of corrosion resistance, of course, with optimal storage and transport conditions provided.

Steel and aluminium corrosion protection – NOYEN chemicals

In NOYEN, we know how to protect metals against corrosion. Our offer includes agents for the protection of metals against corrosion at various stages – both during the cleaning process, between its individual stages, as well as agents for long-term protection used after the end of the washing process. The best agents for temporary corrosion protection – NOYEN CI and DI. These are alkaline, water-based agents designed to protect ferrous and cast iron metals against corrosion. They work by changing the electrochemical potential of the surfaces of the protected parts. These chemicals are added to the rinsing bath and provide protection against corrosion for up to several weeks. Moreover, when it comes to corrosion protection NOYEN DI is completely safe for health and the environment, as it does not contain substances classified as hazardous.

In order to protect metals against corrosion, agents such as PAL or PAL+ are also used, which guarantee excellent cleaning results in the case of steel, cast iron and aluminum. Corrosion inhibitors contained in their composition protect the parts against corrosion. NOYEN PAL provides protection during the washing process, which can be extended by adding NOYEN CI to the rinsing stage. NOYEN PAL +, which can be used without the need to rinse the parts, allows you to provide even several weeks of protection against corrosion development.

What are the long-term corrosion protection methods? When looking for a good solution for corrosion protection – NOYEN CRV, which is an agent used in the impregnation of metals, is a great option. The product creates a hydrophobic film on the surface, protecting the metal against the harmful effects of water and moisture. The agent evaporates quickly, leaving a thin layer on the surface, which provides long-term protection under appropriate storage conditions. NOYEN CRV is a product thanks to which parts can be safely cleaned and stored.

We encourage you to find out more about NOYEN’s offer. Besides the agents for active corrosion protection, we offer agents for different industrial applications such as steel cleaning and degreasing, coating removal, electronics cleaning, carbon deposit removal. We also render cleaning services and provide our clients with machine service. Our solutions are comprehensive – we not only sell cleaning machines and chemicals but provide clients with the complete technology including quality check, periodical maintenance of machines, spare parts and expert advice at each and every stage of the cooperation.

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