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Cleanliness goes around

Highest cleanliness of the most complicated shapes

Thoroughly clean each component, even with the most complicated shapes. Separate cleaning and rinsing tanks will give you the highest technical cleanliness level, which will be above global norms no matter how complicated your parts are.


Expert C

  • thorough cleaning and drying
  • many configuration options
  • advanced filtration system

Get on the carousel and feel the wind

The adaptation options of Expert C are amazing. You can adjust the drying nozzle placement to the component shape. This shortens the process and increases accuracy.

Every part counts

Configure Expert C.
Any way you want.

Fit all parameters to your production. Innovative solutions let you edit the time of each cleaning stage, the number of stages and even their type. You can clean efficiently today. And even more efficiently tomorrow.

Convenience – anytime, anywhere.

The compact size of Expert C help save space in your production facility. But don’t let the small size deceive you – it was designed with convenience in mind. The loading process takes place in the same area as unloading. This allows the operator to stay in one place and the machine can be tended by one person only.

  • 98 percent technical availability level

  • 17 seconds approximate shortest cycle length with maximum efficiency

  • 2 sets of filters that can be replaced while the machine works.

Get rid of downtime thanks to the machine designed by experts. Save all the information. You have full access to key and minor parameters of each process. You can save the data on a mobile memory device or on the company server.

Technical data

External size [length x width x height]3290 x 2310 x 2210 mm
Tank materialsteel 1.4301 (304L)
Number of process sections5-7
Possible applicationsSpray cleaning, immersion cleaning, rinsing, drying, anticorrosion protection
Spraying pressure7 bar, optional 9 bar
Tank capacitydepends on the application
Thermal insulationStandard
Ultrasound frequencyOption – 25 kHz
Additional tankOption
Vacuum drying systemOption
Coalescent oil separatorOption
Magnetic filtrationOption
Double filtration systemOption
Automatic water refilling systemOption
Automatic chemical dosing systemOption

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