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Industrial cleaning service

Takeout cleaning

You do not have the resources and abilities to clean something or meet the expectations of a new contractor? We can help with that. Your parts can be cleaned, packed and delivered on time – without the fuss of developing dedicated facilities at your place

At full steam

  • 100% focused on your cleaning process

  • VDA 19.1 total support

  • 50 mN/m degreasing level

  • 24/7 availability

Our specialized team of result-oriented experts is at your disposal. Their support will set you apart and help you get ahead of the competition.


It takes a team to clean effectively

Equipped with a number of questions and tested processes, we will help you determine the key challenges, prepare a plan and define the solutions. You just need to tell us what your problem is. There is a 90% likelihood we will solve it during our first conversation. Whether you decide to keep going is 100% on you.


We’ve been in the business for years

You can extend the life of components and modules by increasing technical cleanliness of their parts. The processes we constantly improve remove the pressure of becoming the innovator from you and allow you to focus om more important elements of your business.
  • Industrial cleaning and degreasing

  • Cleaning compliant with technical cleanliness norms

  • Phosphate coating

  • Acidic and neutral pickling

  • Paint coating removal

  • Chemical processing of super alloys

Get even more out of cleaning


Support and care in the cleaning process management. We provide professional, effective, safe and environmentally friendly industrial chemical products, as well as help in using them.



Our machines are supported in every part of the world with modern technology and innovation. The service team will help you face every challenge so that your production will not have to stop even for a moment.



Efficient use of resources, correct use of products and machines, sustainable growth – this can all be learned. We can share the knowledge we amassed during 20 years of our experience with your company, during interesting training sessions.


Industrial cleaning services – why to outsource?

Industrial cleaning services is an excellent alternative to in-house processes. Such a solution may be considered in various situations – staff shortage, shortages in the field of infrastructure or the need to increase production. Cleaning services has many advantages related to both the financial aspect and logistics. What benefits can it bring and in what situations will it be a useful solution?

Industrial cleaning services – advantages

The main reason why it is worth getting interested in industrial cleaning services is the economic aspect. Carrying out projects related to cleaning processes in the enterprise requires the appointment of employees who would handle a given process or, in the case of staff shortages, the creation of appropriate jobs. Outsourcing of industrial cleaning allows you to focus on the tasks performed so far by the company and its employees, and to entrust the cleaning process to qualified experts. They will plan and carry out such a process in a way that suits the needs of a given production. Another advantage of outsourcing is no need to invest in new infrastructure, such as industrial cleaning machines, at a given moment, and no costs related to the development of logistics for new processes in the company. This allows you to focus on your core business without worrying about quality and time.

Contract cleaning – don’t give up on new clients

The unquestionable advantage of outsourcing industrial cleaning is the possibility of acquiring new orders. Lack of necessary infrastructure in the production hall does not have to mean that the project should be abandoned. Industrial cleaning services allow you to remain flexible. Importantly, it is possible to order various types of cleaning and degreasing services, but also a number of other processes – this is a way to bypass the limitations associated with your machines, which do not always allow you to carry out some processes in-house due to technological maladjustment or too low processing capacity. Moreover, not all production plants have the possibility of introducing a new device into the hall – it may be related to logistics issues or the lack of sufficient space. In this case, industrial cleaning services are a favorable solution.

Industrial cleaning services – knowledge and experience

Providing high-quality cleaning and degreasing results requires developed know-how concerning the process technology. The use of industrial cleaning services allows you to commission these services to experts in a given field, which guarantees the highest quality without the need to incur direct costs related to acquiring necessary knowledge and experience. The selection of the appropriate technology (including industrial cleaning products) and optimization of the cleaning process in terms of effects and costs are key factors when it comes to the profitability of a given process, so it is worth entrusting such activities to experts.

Industrial cleaning supplies and services in NOYEN

Industrial cleaning at NOYEN is a guarantee of a fast and effective service. During consultation with the client, we determine its scope and, taking into account the type of parts and contamination, we select the most beneficial technology. We are happy to share our knowledge, and many years of experience allow us to develop the best solutions that bring the best results. When developing the technology, what counts is the type of parts, contamination, as well as the cleanliness requirements after the cleaning process.

We will explain what the proposed technology is and what benefits can be achieved thanks to it. We will quickly find a solution – no matter what kind of technology you need: steel cleaning, corrosion removal or electronics cleaning solution. We will clean, pack and deliver the parts, regardless of whether the order will be a one-time service or we will undertake long-term cooperation. We work in accordance with the principle of All-In-One Solutions – we use NOYEN’s industrial cleaning machines and products, therefore, when you decide to cooperate with us, you get a comprehensive solution based on the highest quality products.

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