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A powerful cleaning machine does not have to be huge

Innovative solutions. Immense cleaning power.

Choose the machine designed to clean parts with complicated shapes. The advanced capabilities of the machine provide great results even in atypical cases. This compact machine doesn’t take up much space, but can effectively remove many types of contaminants.

Thoroughly clean complicated parts

Discover the machine that uses two cleaning methods: spray and immersion. Its rotary basket helps reach every nook and cranny of the parts. Nozzles placed close to the parts will effectively remove even difficult grime. Cleaning of narrow crevices will not be a problem anymore.

Compact 200

  • cleans and degreases parts after machining
  • cleans parts with complicated shapes
  • dries parts

Save energy. The process chambers and the entire machine have thermal insulation, which, in addition to saving electricity, shortens the drying process. The original system of draining valves and the advanced filtration system help replace the working liquid less often.

Work intuitively with a responsive, easy-to-read interface on the HMI touch panel. The brain of Compact 200 is an efficient PLC. Change of parameters like cleaning temperature and blow drying time, rinsing or drying, requires just a few touches of the panel.

Increase the cleaning power of Compact 200 by using ultrasounds. You can also equip the machine with a vacuum drying system. You will shorten the entire process and decrease the temperature of parts. Even if the basic version of Compact 200 is enough for you today, you can meet new challenges in the future thanks to optional equipment.

Every part counts

Technical data

External size [length x width x height]2340 x 3060 x 2700 mm
Tank materialsteel 1.4301 (304L)
Basket size650 x 470 x 300 mm
Loading80 kg
Spraying pressure5 bar
Tank capacity2 x 500 l
Thermal insulationStandard
Ultrasound frequencyOption – 25 kHz
Coalescent oil separatorOption
Magnetic filtrationOption
Double filtration systemOption
Automatic water refilling systemOption
Automatic chemical dosing systemOption

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