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Electronics cleaning

Cleaning of electronic components is highly important not only in the production process, but also during maintenance. In both cases even a tiny contaminant could cause a malfunction. In this case, industrial cleaning must be reliable, highly accurate and safe for the parts. Noyen solutions meet all these requirements.

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Electronics cleaning in the industry – what should you know about the process?

Electronics cleaning is a wide and important topic in the industry sector. Electronic components are cleaned both during the production process and in terms of maintenance. Inappropriate methods and an incorrectly selected preparation are factors that may significantly reduce the effectiveness of such a process. Electronics cleaning is also present in the dynamically developing electromobility industry. What detergents are used for cleaning electronics?

Detergents for electronics cleaning – what industrial cleaning chemicals are worth using?

The electronics industry has specific cleanliness requirements. This is due to the fact that even the tiniest metal particles on the surface of the part may cause serious errors in its operation and even damage the entire system. Cleaning products for electronics should effectively remove metal particles. The electric charge accumulating on the surface can increase the conductivity and cause their electrification. What is more, there should be no water streaks, tarnish or residues of cleaning agents on the part’s surface. That is why the detergent should quickly evaporate from the surface. It is possible to reach such an effect thanks to the content of volatile solvents in the formula of a given preparation.

Electronics cleaning solution for the industry – what is important?

What should be emphasized is the fact that when cleaning electronics, it is important not only to remove metal particles and thoroughly clean the part but also to rinse out the residues of cleaning agents. Inappropriate technology and cleaning agents selection may result in the necessity to repeat the cleaning process and lead to a delay in ongoing projects.

Cleaning products for electronics – NOYEN BEL

NOYEN’s offer includes NOYEN BEL – one of our cleaning products for electronics. It is a water-based detergent of a slightly alkaline chemical character intended for cleaning electronic and optical components. The special formula of the product allows for thorough degreasing and cleaning of the parts. This electronics cleaning solution perfectly removes grease, dirt, dust, fluxes and rosin. NOYEN BEL contains corrosion inhibitors and boiling point depressants. Thanks to this, it is possible to quickly evaporate and dry without creating water streaks. An important feature is also the lack of fluorine derivatives and silicates. NOYEN experts will be happy to advise you in choosing the optimal agent for industrial cleaning of electronics and other applications. Many years of experience allow us to develop comprehensive solutions in line with customer expectations and ensure the highest quality of products and services. Depending on the needs, we select the product from the offer or, in consultation with the client, we create a special formula that fully responds to specific requirements resulting from the processes carried out in the client’s company.

Electronics cleaning in the electromobility industry

Electronics cleaning – important issues

Electronics cleaning is a process present in the dynamically developing electromobility industry and plays a significant role in it. Strict cleanliness standards mean that as a result of the cleaning process, the parts must not only meet technical cleanliness standards but also be protected against the influence of the external environment at a later time. When talking about cleaning electronics in the electromobility industry, it is important to mention a significant factor, which is a large number of sensors. Because of that, cleanliness in terms of metal particles is extremely important. Their effective removal is particularly significant as they could interfere with the operation of sensors and complex software. Such issues should be considered when organizing efficient production processes.

Electronics cleaning and technical cleanliness in electromobility

The need to eliminate metal and non-metal particles is the reason why the processes in the electromobility industry are conducted in specific conditions. This is to ensure the highest quality and technical cleanliness standards. Production and cleaning processes take place in so-called cleanrooms – an engineered space, with controlled environmental parameters.

Maintaining occupational hygiene in this type of plant is also associated with strict rules for protective clothing. Employees are required to wear special coveralls, including headgear, face masks and goggles, which is not only to ensure their safety and protect their health but also to protect the cleanroom against the impact on cleanliness.

Electronics cleaning – NOYEN

NOYEN’s offer includes industrial cleaning services such as electronics cleaning services. We are well aware of the fact that each production process is subjected to different conditions. That is why we comprehensively respond to specific challenges. We define the needs and then develop the best solution – we select the technology and agent that meet customers’ expectations. At NOYEN, we know that the optimization of production processes is a good way to improve the functioning of the company, and therefore our goal is always to provide our customers with the best solutions.

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