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The iCleaning Machine series consists of industrial cleaning machines equipped with the latest technology:

Take advantage of the innovative functionalities of the iCleaning machines and reap the benefits.

Check cleanliness automatically

The innovative automatic bath contaminant sampling system offers a repeatable and accurate procedure for extracting contaminants from a bath sample onto a lab filter, improving the immediate quality control of the cleaning process. The use of the system enables a reduction in the number of laboratory operations, therefore also reducing the risk of secondary contaminants appearing on the filter.

  • essential for periodic testing of the cleaning liquid condition and decision to replace it
  • quick and accurate - ensures control over the cleaning process
  • ergonomic and safe for the user

Cut costs and keep your staff safe

  • extend the bath lifetime by automatically checking its condition
  • ensure the safety of your staff - with the automatic sampling system, the operator is not exposed to high pressure, high temperatures or chemicals
  • increase the accuracy of liquid testing - the system automatically doses the amount of liquid needed for testing
  • quicker and in a shorter time - automatic sampling is carried out during the cleaning process without wasting time


    A single button is all it takes to check the status of your machine

    Self-diagnostics of the cleaning machine allows a detailed check of the condition of all its components. Running the self-diagnostic procedure on a regular basis supports you in predicting machine malfunctions, the timing of necessary component replacements or the maintenance of a good condition and process parameters of the entire machine. The system guides you step by step, showing you the status of your machine on an easy-to-read panel.

    Effectively tests the cleaning device without the need to call for service

    • checks for more than 60 symptoms that can be diagnosed, and their possible causes
    • reduces the number of service repairs and downtime of the machine
    • allows you to carry out minor repairs yourself and replace worn parts just in time
    • automatically generates a report

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