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Surface preparation for coating

The painting industry has very specific requirements. Experience in this area is priceless. Noyen specialists have been supplying solutions for surface preparation before painting for 20 years. One of the key features of coating industry is high variety of contaminants and cleaned materials. The effects of good surface preparation are visible immediately, therefore it is very important for the cleaning process to be of the highest quality.

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Surface preparation for coating – choose the best detergents

Surface preparation for coating is one of the key processes in the coatings industry as it influences the quality of parts. What factors make the surface preparation and coating effective? And which detergents to choose to ensure high process efficiency? If you need assistance with choosing the best industrial cleaning solution, you are in the right place – NOYEN experts have a solution that is perfect for you!

How to prepare the surface for coating?

The techniques of surface preparation for coating are convergent regardless of the coating process type, so the surface preparation before powder coating, wet painting, solvent-based or water-based paints are based on similar assumptions. First of all, the surface of the part should be properly degreased – otherwise, the coating will not be able to adhere to it properly, and thus – it will become undurable. As the coatings are permeable, their insufficient adhesion makes them particularly susceptible to the influence of external factors, which may cause corrosion centers development. These spots are particularly problematic as they can damage the surface. What is more, so the degreasing can result as it is expected to, cleaning and degreasing agents have to be rinsed thoroughly – otherwise, the residues can affect wettability level and lead to damaging of applied coatings.

Surface preparation for coating – surface protection

The next step in preparation for metal painting is to protect the surface against corrosion or passivate it by applying a conversion coating, e.g. phosphate. Such surface preparation for coating allows obtaining a durable and aesthetic effect. Corrosion centers can quickly develop on the non-passivated surface. The factor determining the adhesion and durability of the paint coating is wettability. The higher its value, the better the coating will adhere to the surface. If the degree of wettability of the surface is too low, the coating may peel off at the cross-linking stage, which makes it impossible to fulfill its function properly.

Surface preparation for powder coating – what’s the process about?

Powder coating is a frequently applied method in the industry. It owes its popularity to great effects. During this process, powder paint is evenly distributed over the surface of the part by spraying. The coatings obtained in this way are not only extremely smooth but also very durable. Surface preparation for powder coating is to increase the adhesion of the paint coating. One of the frequently used methods of surface preparation is phosphating, which ensures adequate roughness and degreasing of the surface, and also increases the anti-corrosion resistance of parts.

Surface preparation for coating – choose NOYEN chemicals

Our offer includes professional chemicals for surface preparation before painting. The most popular detergents include NOYEN P02, NOYEN P03 and NOYEN P05. These are chemicals for obtaining amorphous phosphate coatings and increasing the adhesion of paint coatings, which can be used in the preparation process for painting both aluminum and steel. Used during the preparation of parts, they also protect them against corrosion. The process of surface preparation for coating can be supplemented by using the NOYEN AL cleaning additive for phosphating baths, which supports the removal of all oil contamination, grease and other hydrophobic substances.

In addition to chemicals for the preparation of metal surfaces for painting, NOYEN’s offer also includes a wide range of agents for other industrial applications, including cleaning and degreasing, removing carbon deposits, phosphate coatings, limescale or anti-corrosion protection.

Our experts can develop special formulas based on clients’ expectations and requirements of their production processes, therefore NOYEN solutions are a guarantee of the highest efficiency and quality. NOYEN’s offer includes also various industrial cleaning services such as corrosion removal or degreasing. We will find a perfect carbon deposit or electronics cleaning solution as well. NOYEN is a source of comprehensive solutions – whether you need a chemical, a cleaning machine or the whole technology for your production, you can be sure that our experts will find the option which is perfect for you. Contact us in order to get more information about available solutions!

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