Surface preparation for coating

The painting industry has very specific requirements. Experience in this area is priceless. Noyen specialists have been supplying solutions for surface preparation before painting for 20 years. One of the key features of coating industry is high variety of contaminants and cleaned materials. The effects of good surface preparation are visible immediately, therefore it is very important for the cleaning process to be of the highest quality.

Noyen P11

Used for:

  • manual cleaning
  • immersion cleaning
  • ultrasound cleaning
  • 1 – 10%

    Working concentration

  • 15 – 65°C

    Bath temperature range

Noyen P11 is an additive product for pickling and phosphating baths. Specially chosen ingredients effectively remove all oily contaminants, grease and other hydrophobic substances. The product is formulated for use in immersion and ultrasound cleaning.

Noyen P11 typical uses

  • Cleaning additive for pickling baths
  • Cleaning additive for phosphating baths
  • Cleaning additive for scale-removing baths
  • Cleaning process support


  • Concentrated

  • Not classified as dangerous

  • For many types of metals

  • Does not cause corrosion

  • Reduces streaks and stains

  • Does not contain silicates

  • Non-flammable

  • Does not contain volatile organic compounds

  • Effective even in low concentration

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