Aluminium cleaning and degreasing

Aluminium and its alloys are highly sensitive to cleaning agents. Specially formulated Noyen products will safely clean the parts. Aluminium cleaning and degreasing can be done with acidic, neutral and alkaline agents.

Noyen TIP2

Used for:

  • manual cleaning
  • immersion cleaning
  • ultrasound cleaning
  • spray cleaning
  • 2 – 20%

    Working concentration

  • 25 - 65°C

    Bath temperature range

Noyen TIP2 is an alkaline products based on safe surface agents and substances supporting the cleaning process. It contains special corrosion inhibitors to clean aluminium in alkaline environment without a pickling effect. Formulated for the best effects of carbon deposit softening and help separate the residue from the cleaned surface. Recommended for aluminium and cast iron car engine heads.

Noyen TIP2 effectively removes

  • Carbon deposits
  • Soot
  • Baked-on and carbonized oils
  • Workshop contaminants
  • Machining oils
  • Engine oils
  • Oil emulsions


  • Low-foaming

  • Highly degreasing

  • Does not leave discolourations

  • For very difficult contaminants

  • Removes contaminants adhered to the surface

  • Contains corrosion inhibitors for steel and aluminium

  • Easily separates oils

  • Contains ingredients neutralizing water hardness

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