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Cleaning audit

Pure certainty

The lifetime of components and subassemblies can be greatly extended when their parts are free from contaminants. However, to improve your cleaning process, you need to test it first. An audit will help you find out where you stand.

The best norms

The elements need to meet restrictive requirements of technical cleanliness norms – every single time, so the process needs to be repeatable. We can measure it very accurately.

Pure intentions

Total transparency

Basing on tests, analyses and cleanliness level assessment according to VDA 19.1 and ISO 16232 norms you know perfectly well what you provide your customers with. You can receive detailed testing reports with photos and descriptions by e-mail.

  • Quality norms

    We constantly monitor the process, to make sure we strictly adhere to quality and cleanliness norms.

  • Cost reduction

    Reduction of investment cost, maintenance of cleaning machines and employing qualified personnel thanks to outsourcing.

Compressed experience

  • 100% focused on your cleaning process

  • VDA 19.1 total support

  • 50 mN/m degreasing level

  • 24/7 availability

Our specialized team of result-oriented experts is at your disposal. Their support will set you apart and help you get ahead of the competition.


It takes a team to clean effectively

Equipped with a number of questions and tested processes, we will help you determine the key challenges, prepare a plan and define the solutions. You just need to tell us what your problem is. There is a 90% likelihood we will solve it during our first conversation. Whether you decide to keep going is 100% on you.


We’ve been in the business for years

You can extend the life of components and modules by increasing technical cleanliness of their parts. The processes we constantly improve remove the pressure of becoming the innovator from you and allow you to focus om more important elements of your business.
  • Industrial cleaning and degreasing

  • Cleaning compliant with technical cleanliness norms

  • Phosphate coating

  • Acidic and neutral pickling

  • Paint coating removal

  • Chemical processing of super alloys

Short-term only?

One-off cleaning or long-term service – neither is a problem. Nothing lasts forever, so we do not expect you to commit to constant cooperation. We can accept an one-off trial order, support you seasonally or without a set schedule.


97% of our customers have atypical requests. We can plan and implement a process adjusted to your individual needs. Good cooperation always requires discussion and dialogue. We know you are looking for custom solutions.


When you run out of steam

Solving problems with industrial parts cleaning is our bread and butter. Check out 5 things to consider when choosing a basic machine for industrial parts cleaning and draw conclusions that could vastly improve your work quality.

Let there be cleanliness.

We remove dirt from parts made of metal, plastic and glass, of any size and complexity: from simple components the size of a milimeter to large parts with advanced, complex shapes. Surprise us or find out for yourself what our Customers say. We are ready for any requirements when it comes to parts cleaning.

  • In metalworking industry

    The process effectiveness, machine quality and offered technology meet all our expectations. In addition, Noyen Sp. z o. o. has professional approach and reliable technical service, therefore we can recommend them as a business partner.

    Deputy Managing Director and Production Director Lenaal

    Case: Installation of Compact 100 and Compact 400 cleaning machines with automatic loading. Installation of a machine testing tightness of casts.

  • In Automotive industry

    The machines we received work very well and the washed parts have a high level of cleanliness. The cleaning machines are simple, but highly modern, which provides high quality of cleaning, vastly reduces the operating cost and makes the machines easy to operate as well as environmentally friendly.

    Technical Director SANDEN

    Case: installation of two spray cleaning machines equipped with unmanned automatic loading and unloading systems.

  • In heating industry

    I wholeheartedly recommend Noyen as a competent supplier of industrial solutions who has both knowledge and experience in this regard.

    Engineer and Purchasing Director Viessmann Technika Grzewcza Sp. z o.o.

    Case: Increasing the efficiency of copper part pickling after soldering.

Bulletproof process

Noyen designs and builds cleaning machines, automation, chemicals and much more. Everything is adjusted to your individual needs. The product creation process is always based on consultation. Before we present you with an offer, we determine the requirements and specifics of the solution. We conduct cleaning tests on parts, do initial try-ons – everything to find and offer you the best solution possible.

You can see our progress at every stage of production, for example in the form of 3D models. You can always count on our support. We will train your employees in machine operation and our service team will oversee the machine’s work after it is started.

  1. We determine the requirements and specifics of the solution
  2. We perform process testing
  3. We make the progress available to see
  4. We support you during implementation
  5. We train your employees in machine operation and use

We set industry standards

We know it is not enough to have perfect products. They also have to be adjusted to the specific needs of various industries. Hundreds of companies use our solutions in following industries:

  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Fasteners
  • Metalworking
  • Coating and sanding
  • Medical
  • Printing
  • Remanufacturing
  • Home appliance
  • Electronics
  • Construction
  • Railway

Nothing is impossible.

It will be easier if you just tell us everything. Save your time and make use of your free consultation. Our expert will advise you for free.

Get even more out of cleaning


Support and care in the cleaning process management. We provide professional, effective, safe and environmentally friendly industrial chemical products, as well as help in using them.



Our machines are supported in every part of the world with modern technology and innovation. The service team will help you face every challenge so that your production will not have to stop even for a moment.



Efficient use of resources, correct use of products and machines, sustainable growth – this can all be learned. We can share the knowledge we amassed during 20 years of our experience with your company, during interesting training sessions.


Industrial cleaning is an important element of the work of many manufacturing companies. Therefore, its efficiency and effectiveness may affect the company’s competitiveness, its industry position and the possibility of expansion into new markets. If you want to check how effective this process is, it is worth investing in a cleaning audit carried out by qualified experts. Why is it worth conducting the cleaning audit and why to do it with NOYEN?

How does industrial cleaning affect the company’s performance?

An industrial cleaning audit is a great way to verify that the cleaning process is being carried out smoothly and with high quality and efficiency. Conducting an audit is definitely worth considering by entrepreneurs in whose companies industrial cleaning is a part of the production process, because ensuring compliance with cleanliness standards and optimization of activities in many cases significantly affects the company’s position.

A properly developed industrial cleaning technology is a key factor influencing, among others, for the duration of the process or the amount of media and cleaning agents used. The effectiveness of the industrial cleaning process depends both on the selection of industrial chemicals and cleaning machines – appropriate adjustment enables cost optimization, and as a result facilitates the company building its market position. Knowing how important for the functioning of the enterprise is efficient and effective industrial cleaning, it is easier to understand what benefits a professionally conducted audit can bring to the company.

Cleaning audit: control over the process of industrial cleaning

A professionally conducted industrial cleaning audit allows you to verify whether the technology used is adequate to the specificity of the process and whether the obtained results meet the requirements of the client, especially in the context of the expected cleanliness standards. Thanks to the audit, entrepreneurs can check whether the industrial chemicals and cleaning machines they use are actually the right choice, while on the basis of the information obtained, it is possible to introduce necessary changes and modifications aimed at improving the quality and efficiency of the cleaning process carried out in the company.

NOYEN, a manufacturer of professional industrial cleaning machines and cleaning agents for various industrial applications, also uses its industry experience to carry out detailed audits, thanks to which the client receives a package of information allowing for the elimination of possible errors, improving the quality of the industrial cleaning process and its optimization. Thanks to the audit, it is also possible to optimize costs and find areas that require the implementation of appropriate actions to improve them. If the processes conducted by your company include industrial cleaning and you want to check its quality, contact us and our specialist will take good care of your company. The highest quality is now for the taking!

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