Printing ink removal

The effects of the cleaning process in printing industry are visible with the naked eye. The requirements of label, packaging or wrapper manufacturers are obvious, but in large scale production they require specialist knowledge. The manufacturers care about quality and repeatability of print, as well as the number of graphic symbols. Using appropriate cleaning products makes these goals more easily attainable.

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Noyen RS

Used for:

  • immersion cleaning
  • ultrasound cleaning
  • spray cleaning
RS NOYEN 30 KG preparat do usuwania farb drukarskich w niebieskim kanistrze
  • 5 – 20%

    Working concentration

  • 20 – 65°C

    Bath temperature range

Noyen RS is a mildly alkaline, non-toxic product for removal of printing ink, thin paint coating and mild oily contaminants.

Noyen RS effectively removes

  • Printing ink
  • Mineral residues
  • Oils
  • Water emulsions
  • Pigments
  • Fingerprints

Advantages Noyen RS

  • Concentrated

  • For cleaning different types of printing ink

  • Reduces streaks and stains

  • Contains corrosion inhibitors

  • Resistant to hard water

  • Easy to rinse

  • Non-flammable

  • Good surface wettability

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