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20 Jul 2021

Industrial cleaning machines – types and use

A proper selection of industrial cleaning machines and technology used for conducting cleaning processes is a key to reaching high-quality effects, efficiency improvement and optimization of production. So that to ensure reaching the expected results, it is worth considering the following factors: type of part, its material, geometry and dimensions, type of contamination, planned efficiency and cleanliness requirements. How do different types of industrial cleaning machines work?

Throughput cleaning machines – how do they work?

Throughput cleaning machines are often used in the production line. They are relatively universal and usually combined with another machine manufacturing particular parts. Throughput cleaning machines are designed for cleaning parts of different materials, dimensions and geometry. They are often used for intermediate cleaning, although they may be used for cleaning for technical cleanliness standards as well. Throughput cleaning machines are characterized by very high efficiency thanks to what they are often selected by production companies and can be seen in big factories. The processes conducted in this type of cleaning machine are not only cleaning, but also rinsing and drying. The functionality of the throughput cleaning machine can be fully adjusted to the client’s needs.
In NOYEN machine designs are created in cooperation with the client. Depending on the requirements, the number and type of the process can be modified. Other important factors that should be specified while designing the machine include dimensions, number and configuration of process chambers, type of transport (manual or automatic) of parts as well as regulations of the conveyor’s speed.

Carousel cleaning machines – how do they work?

Carousel cleaning machines are equipped with an automatic transport system that rotates after the parts are loaded. It allows the cleaning agent to reach each area of the part and remove contaminants. This type of industrial cleaning uses a spray or immersion cleaning method. One of the great advantages of such a solution is the fact that it may be designed with a particular type of parts in mind. Therefore, carousel washers are not considered universal – the changeover may turn out to be quite difficult. Optimization of cleaning and drying processes is possible thanks to the special placement of cleaning and drying nozzles and the separation of cleaning and rinsing processes into different chambers. This type of cleaning machine allows cleaning of the most complicated parts in accordance with the highest technical cleanliness standards. In comparison to throughput cleaning machines, the efficiency is lower but the accuracy of the process – much bigger. Carousel washers work exceptionally well in companies needing a complete solution for cleaning particular types of parts under settled cleanliness requirements.

Manual cleaning machines – simple solutions for the industry

Manual cleaning machines are used both in small and big companies. Depending on the company’s needs, a manual cleaning machine may be treated as support in maintenance or be used for fast intermediate washing. NOYEN Smart TL – industrial cleaning machine with manual load and unload – is a good example. Such machines may be equipped with baskets of different sizes that allow conducting the cleaning process on many types of parts. Another good example is NOYEN Smart Pico – a small and mobile machine intended for intermediate washing, which improves machining processes.

NOYEN experts on daily basis select machines, technologies and cleaning agents tailored to the needs of clients based on the production processes carried out in their companies. Knowledge and experience in this field allow us to respond to the cleaning process challenges with appropriate solutions.

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