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13 Mar 2024

8 advantages of compact industrial cleaning machines

In today’s rapidly changing product quality challenges, maintaining the cleanliness of manufactured parts is critical. Technical cleanliness of components is typically important where safety, product quality, productivity and durability are affected. In any industry where manufacturing relies on advanced technologies, maintaining appropriate standards of component technical cleanliness is and will continue to be critical.

Here are 8 advantages of compact cleaning machines

1. Use multiple processes in one machine and save space

The Compact Series was designed primarily to use multiple processes in one machine and to improve ergonomics in terms of operation as well as service. An important aspect is the simple operation of the cleaning machine (loading, unloading or selecting cleaning programs). Thoughtful placement of components, full access to filters and chemical tanks makes operation fast and trouble-free, while facilitating service and inspection activities. The compact size of the equipment allows for easy transportation, storage and relocation, as well as saving space on the production floor

2. Increase production efficiency

The implementation of modern industrial cleaning solutions, such as its automation, provides the opportunity to increase the efficiency of implemented activities. A well-planned industrial cleaning process based on the use of a tailored washing device and industrial cleaning agents, allows you to reduce operating costs.

3. Flexibility in cleaning different workpieces

The compact cleaning machines are suitable for multiple processes: spray washing, immersion washing, ultrasonic-assisted washing, hot air drying process and vacuum drying. This makes it possible to use multiple washing technologies in a single cleaning machine, adapting to a variety of washing needs and to many types of references of manufactured parts. In addition, the equipment effectively removes contaminants of different origins and intensities, even from parts with complex geometries that have technical cleanliness requirements.

4. Time saving

Industrial cleaning machines for washing and degreasing workpieces are an effective solution, eliminating the need for manual cleaning. This means significant savings in employee time and energy, as well as natural resources, contributing to environmental protection.

5. Longer life of washed parts

Gentle and effective cleaning of workpieces translates into longer life of machines and equipment in which washed parts are assembled. This has a direct effect on increasing the trouble-free system or the machine itself, minimizing the costs associated with repairing and replacing broken parts. 

6. Safety and process control

The process data monitoring function ensures safety and full control of the cleaning process. The device allows you to observe and modify the speed of the basket rotation, set the exact angle of the basket swing, the temperature of the washing medium and spray pressure, and the level of filter wear. Each stage of the process is assigned a different color of illumination of the working chamber, visible through the chamber door window. This function allows the operator to monitor the process phase from a distance, significantly improving its ergonomics and efficiency.

7. Environmentally friendly and waste reduction

Thanks to the iCleaning function available on Compact Series machines, it is possible to control the level of liquid contamination. This process makes it possible to optimize the frequency of bath changes in the machine, which will lead to fewer bath changes. This makes it possible to reduce the amount of waste generated by the cleaning machine (up to 750L per year), thereby increasing the environmental performance of the process.

8. Minimized maintenance costs and TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)

The machine’s self-diagnostic function gives you the ability to prevent the occurrence of unforeseen machine dysfunction by regularly and thoroughly checking the status of its actuators and signaling components. This provides the user with up-to-date information on the condition of the machine, based on which he can anticipate and plan for the replacement of key components, reducing the time and cost of any production downtime to an absolute minimum.

The purchase of an industrial cleaning machine for washing workpieces is an investment that brings multifaceted benefits from increasing production efficiency to improving the company’s image. This state-of-the-art solution not only streamlines processes, but also leaves a clean environmental footprint.

NOYEN’s industrial cleaning solutions are developed based on expertise and 25 years of experience gained from hundreds of projects performed for customers in more than 20 countries around the world. We share knowledge and support customers according to the principle of All-in-One Solutions – cooperation with us is not only the purchase of a machine, but the possibility of developing the entire process technology, automation and robotization of the line, selection of chemical preparations, professional expert advice, laboratory tests and service care.

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