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15 Jan 2024

Chemical agents in spray: efficiency and convenient application

In today’s fast-paced life, the search for effective and easy-to-use solutions has become a priority. In response to these needs, we present chemical products in a new version. These chemicals in aerosol form are gaining popularity due to their effectiveness and convenience of use.

Composition and Technology

Chemical agents in spray are usually a mixture of chemicals, solvents and compression gases. These ingredients are combined in special proportions to produce a stable aerosol formulation. Active substances can include cleaners, rust removers or maintenance agents.

The production technology of chemical sprays enables precise dosage of active substances, which translates into their effectiveness. In addition, application in the form of a spray allows for even distribution of the agent on the surface, which increases the effectiveness of the action.

N860 – Metalworking support agent

A high-performance agent for chip and chipless machining of hard, ductile steels, alloy steels, nickel, bronze, aluminum, copper, etc. It is an ideal for drilling, stamping, milling and deep turning processes. It ensures obtaining better surface quality, higher cutting speeds and longer tool life.


  • Generates lower operating temperatures
  • Protects tools from edge build-up
  • Provides precise dimensional accuracy
  • Increases productivity
  • Extends tool life by more than 100% by removing chips
  • Allows machining without cutting
  • Safe for all metal surfaces, no discoloration

Application: machining of metals with high strain energy, machining of stainless steel, acid steel and hard-to-machine alloys, machining of aluminum and titanium.

N900 – Rust and corrosion remover

A professional agent for loosening joints seized by corrosion. Effectively loosens seized screws, pins, fittings, etc. It has good lubricating properties. It penetrates the rust layer without damaging the metal.


  • Dissolves (softens) corrosion formed in fasteners
  • Penetrates the smallest gaps
  • Lubricates and protects against corrosion
  • Does not react with metals and plastics
  • Contains MoS2

Application: industrial machinery and equipment, automotive industry, machinery industry, car workshops, transport, energy, repair shipyards.

N901 – Cleaner with a strong degreasing effect

Chemical agent cleans and degreases instantly, leaving no impurities. It cleans all metals, plastics, rubber, glass. The product is non-corrosive and does not contain chlorine or CFCs. Ideal for cleaning parts to be glued.


  • Chloride-free
  • CFC-free
  • More than 80% of the product is biodegradable

Application: industrial machinery and equipment, automotive industry, machinery industry, car workshops, transport, energy, repair shipyards.

N935 – Electronics cleaner with protective effect

Slip agent for electronics and electrical contacts. The product is used to remove rosin, solder fluxes, silicone residues, dirt and ionic residues. It is ideal for cleaning electronic assemblies, printed joints and other electronic parts.


  • Electrically neutral
  • Works instantly, penetrates deep into pores
  • Completely rinses out impurities silicone and water residue
  • Preserves and protects against moisture
  • Provides good adhesion for protective varnishes

Application: industrial electronics, electronic circuit board industry, electronic equipment service, signaling and control installations.

TERMOSTAR PRO+ – Agent for maintenance and protection against moisture

All-purpose preservative with enhanced sliding properties. Temperature range from -60°C to +250°C. PTFE admixture provides reduced friction. Chemical agent is characterized by developed penetration properties, making it ideal for applications in hard-to-reach surfaces.


  • Cleans and preserves
  • Protects against corrosion
  • Displaces water
  • Protects against the deposition of dust, dirt, sand
  • Provides protective lubrication

Application: in the maintenance of cars, bicycles, garden tools, boats, motorcycles, mopeds, bearings, hinges, locks, screws, connectors, switches and more.


Chemical agents in spray are a modern solution that combines effectiveness with convenience of application. Their application is versatile, in many industries including machinery, metal, mechanical engineering and transportation.

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