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09 Oct 2020

Cleaning service – how to optimize the production process

An outsourced cleaning service can optimize the production process. Such service has been realized for one of Noyen customers – a big manufacturer of car components.

The challenge

During production of parts with complicated shapes made of copper alloys coated with tin, the Customer was plagued by problematic downtime. It was caused by blockage of automatic feeders in the assembly machines. 

Frequent malfunctions resulted in a decrease in production efficiency and the need to frequently task the maintenance team with repairs. 

The cause for the damage was contamination of the machine with tooling oils the components were coated with. 

The solution

Noyen Experts have recommended a technology that allows for effective cleaning and thorough drying of the components. 

Correct degreasing of the components increased the wettability level of their surface. In order to find out the best solution, the Noyen Experts have conducted laboratory tests and test cleaning process. As a result, the Customer received reports showing that realized norms were even higher than requested and a detailed description of the solution and its parameters. 

The products used were Noyen Compact 100 machine and Noyen PAL industrial chemicals agent. The wettability tests were done with a Noyen Tester

As the result of the project, Noyen received an order for a periodical cleaning service of several thousand of components. 

Advantages for the Customer

  • Highest cleaning quality – the results achieved were higher than the final Customer’s requirements. The cleanliness level was very high, which guaranteed they were well prepared for further processing. The wettability level increased from 34mN/m to 50mN/m. 
  • Process optimization – no more production downtime caused by damaged machines. Since the company started cooperation with Noyen, downtime was always planned and regulated. 
  • Production process stability – guarantee of production that is normalized in terms of cleanliness, with repeatable high quality cleaning and drying results. 
  • Support – consultations with Noyen experts at every stage of the project. 
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