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16 Oct 2020

How to increase the cleaning process quality with limited funds for machine park modernization?

A complete and effective industrial cleaning service, based on a case study from one of Noyen Customers – a manufacturer of components of electric car engines.

The challenge

The Customer received an order for production of six different fasteners used for production of electric car engine sub-assemblies for one of the top Automotive companies.

The components had to adhere to strict industrial cleanliness requirements – the norm VDA91.1. Another condition was the need to regularly conduct specialist cleanliness quality tests and providing reports from the analyses. The components had various shapes, therefore their process requirements were also quite varied. 

The solution

For the service, Noyen used a Noyen Compact 400 machine, Koyen K14 chemicals product, additional rinsing with corrosion inhibitor Noyen CI and component drying. For testing, the Noyen lab used a cleanliness testing chamber and an optic microscope with light polarization. Recommending the best cleaning technology required laboratory tests and cleaning tests.

The Noyen Experts chose the best product, its concentration, cleaning method, time and temperature of the bath. They also recommended the way to pack the components in order to protect them from getting contaminated again. The final stage of the process were the cleanliness tests to make sure the component cleanliness is according to the requested norms. As a result, the Customer received reports showing that the norms met were even higher than those required by the final Customer and containing a detailed description of the used solutions and parameters.

As a result, the Customer chose Noyen as the supplier of a periodical cleaning service. At the moment it involves not 6, but 32 types of components, 800 kg/month.

Advantages for our Customer

  • Order realization – signing of the contract.
  • High cleaning quality.
  • Stable process.
  • Savings.
  • Comprehensive collaboration and individual approach.
  • Fewer processes thanks to the cleaning process outsorcing.
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