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16 Oct 2020

Cavitation erosion and its impact on the efficiency of the industrial washing process

Cleaning the surface of components with ultrasound technology involves creating small cavitation bubbles in the cleaning solution. The bubbles implode, causing quick changes of pressure, which helps separate grime particles from the surface of the component. This technology bases on ultrasound waves moving through the liquid which act as a sort of a conductor.

When the system is properly calibrated, there are thousands of cavitation bubbles created any moment, which results in effects that can be seen with a naked eye: the surface grime is ripped off and carried away by the forces created in the bubble implosion process.

In order to maintain proper process efficiency, the following conditions are required:

  • proper process chamber construction – correct ultrasonic system capability to chamber volume ratio, optimum resonator position
  • best cleaning solution parameters – temperature, concentration
  • manner of component loading into the machine – the way they are placed and packed in the process basket.

If we want the cleaning process to work efficiently for years, it is very important to keep the ultrasound system resonators in good condition, since as time passes they tend to undergo cavitation erosion.

The cavitation process used in cleaning causes micro impacts on the surface of the resonators, which contributes to degradation of their top layer. This can be compared to a fatigue process. The condition of the resonator casing (be it tubular, plate or panel type) has a negative impact on ultrasonic wave emission. Lower wave emission means fewer cavitation bubbles and lower overall cleaning quality. As the condition of the casing and its surface deteriorates, the entire ultrasonic cleaning system suffers. 

However, it is possible to regenerate or replace the ultrasonic systems. Service Department Experts at NOYEN can help you with cavitation level testing and verification of the ultrasonic system efficiency. 

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