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24 Aug 2021

Ultrasonic cleaning machines – how do they work?

Ultrasonic cleaning is a commonly used process, which is conditioned by the safety of parts, wide range of use opportunities and high efficiency. How do ultrasonic cleaning machines work and what are the advantages of such a solution?

Ultrasonic cleaning machines – how do they work?

Ultrasonic cleaning machines are commonly used as they allow highly effective parts cleaning. Ultrasonic cleaning uses the energy produced by ultrasonic waves to form cavitation bubbles. Pressure changes, caused by the cyclic expansion and contraction of the liquid, lead to the formation of vacuum bubbles which collapse inward. Their decomposition causes scrubbing-like action and leads to the detachment of contamination particles without the need for mechanical operations that could damage the surface of the parts subjected to the process.

Such action is highly effective when removing different types of contamination. Ultrasonic cleaning machines usually use cleaning baths based on aqueous solutions mixed with dedicated cleaning agents that are to boost the efficiency of the process. Other important factors influencing the efficiency include the time of the process, parts’ geometry, type of cleaning agents, ultrasounds frequency and temperature.

Ultrasonic cleaning machines – advantages and use

Ultrasonic cleaning is a very effective and safe solution, which is why it may be used also for cleaning small parts made of delicate materials. Ultrasonic cleaning machine ensures relatively fast completion of the process in comparison to manual cleaning methods. What is more, ultrasonic cleaning is characterized by high efficiency of removing different types of contamination such as polish and grinding pastes, abrasives, shavings, industrial lubricants and emulsions. 

Thanks to the high efficiency of the cleaning process, ultrasonic cleaning machines may be used in different branches of industry. Such devices can be applied not only in industrial production but also e.g. in the medical industry. Ultrasonic cleaning is a part of the process as a result of which any form of microorganisms is eliminated from the parts’ surface. It is possible thanks to the adjusted cleaning agent. Ultrasonic cleaning machines are commonly used in dental clinics.

NOYEN ultrasonic cleaning machines – choose a reliable solution!

Ultrasonic cleaning is a method available within different NOYEN cleaning systems such as NOYEN Compact 100, NOYEN Compact 400 and NOYEN Ultra series. Such devices are equipped with a few cleaning technologies that allow the company to stay flexible and fully adjust the process to the type of parts. We offer also small, benchtop ultrasonic machines that may be applied in laboratories or dental clinics. Such devices may also be used by jewelers, opticians or electricians. These machines are made of high-quality stainless steel and equipped with an intuitive HMI panel. Benchtop machines enable long-term operation even at a high intensity of work. These devices are designed to work with water-based cleaning agents.

Benchtop ultrasonic machine

We offer ultrasonic cleaning services as well. Cooperation with NOYEN is not only the purchase of the machine but a complete process including professional advice, project development, the design and installation of the machine and staff training. 

Contact us to get all details about the offer. We will try our best to find a solution adjusted to the specific parameters of a given production process.

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